Find Windows Drivers Edit on GitHub

Most of the hardware in a System76 computer is Intel based, and the Windows Update Program is rather effective at finding drivers. We also recommend using Intel’s Driver Update Program, which does an awesome job of finding drivers for Intel hardware:

Intel Driver Update Utility

For systems with NVIDIA graphics cards, NVIDIA drivers can be found on their website:

NVIDIA Drivers

Trackpad drivers for our laptops can be found on Synaptic’s website:

Synaptic Drivers

Ethernet drivers can be found on Realtek’s website:

Realtek Drivers

If there is a missing driver in the Device Manager, right click on the item with the missing driver, choose Properties, then Details, and then Hardware Ids from the drop-down. The VEN (vendor) and DEV (device) numbers are unique to every piece of hardware. Search for the device at the PCI Database:

PCI Database

And use that info to find the driver.