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These instructions are for System76 laptop owners who have been prompted for a firmware update. Firmware updates may be issued to fix security vulnerabilities or to improve hardware functionality.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure the laptop is plugged into power for the entire firmware updating process.

  • Disconnect external devices, including any displays or USB devices.

  • Take a picture of these instructions or pull up on a phone or other device for reference.

  • During the firmware updating process, the laptop will restart several times. Prompts will occasionally ask for user involvement.

Performing the Update

  1. Select Restart Now to begin.
  2. The System76 Firmware updater will start on reboot. Once it has initialized, you’ll be prompted to press Enter to commence flashing.
  3. The firmware update process will begin, then the system will restart back into the System76 Firmware updater. The fans on the laptop will be on full blast.
  4. The firmware update process will finish. When prompted, press any key to shutdown.
  5. After the laptop powers off, press the power button to turn it back on.
  6. Two small blue boxes will appear in succession with a message about the CMOS. Press Enter to dismiss each one.
  7. The machine will then reboot. Repeatedly press the F2 key to boot into the BIOS settings. Using the arrow keys, go over to the Exit tab.
    • If the BIOS settings do not launch, reboot the machine and try again.
  8. Select and confirm Load Setup Defaults.
  9. Select and confirm Save changes and reset.
  10. Once the laptop restarts, the firmware will be up to date!