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Compatible Intel systems

System Supports USB-C Charging? Supports Thunderbolt?
darp7 Yes Yes
darp6 Yes Yes
darp5 No Yes
galp5 Yes Yes
galp4 Yes Yes
galp3-c Yes Yes
galp3-b No Yes
lemp10 Yes Yes
lemp9 Yes No (DisplayPort over USB-C)

System76-tested docks:

We have tested the following docks:

  • Plugable UD-CA1A [works with NVIDIA and Intel systems] 1,2,3
    • All features work.

Community-tested docks:

Community members have reported that the following docks work with our products:

For Intel systems

You’ll need to install the ‘dkms’ package to install DisplayLink Driver. The NVIDIA Driver installs this package automatically.

sudo apt install dkms

To download the newest DisplayLink driver with the link in orange.

To install the DisplayLink Driver, open the Terminal and move to the Downloads directory (the version for the driver may change, so look at the file name and change it accordingly):

cd Downloads
unzip DisplayLink\ USB\ Graphics\ Software\ for\ Ubuntu\
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

To uninstall the DisplayLink driver this command will be used:

sudo displaylink-installer uninstall

For installing the NVIDIA Driver that we provide you can use this support article: System76 NVIDIA Driver.

1 Does not need the DisplayLink Driver installed to work.
2 On the Gazelle 15 (gaze15), requires GTX 1660 Ti graphics for video output via DisplayPort over USB-C.
3 NVIDIA cards have some minor graphic issues with what is rendered under the mouse as well as scrollbars.

Article last modified: 2021-03-02