Install OpenVPN Edit on GitHub

Open A Terminal


Press +t on your keyboard. A Terminal window should open.


Press Ctrl+Alt+t on your keyboard. A Terminal window should open.

Install Packages

Enter the following command followed by Enter:

sudo apt install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

Open Network Settings

Access OpenVPN setting in the Settings application (GNOME Control Center)


Getting a .ovpn file

OpenVPN uses .ovpn files for setting up the VPN on your system and includes the servers to contact. Most VPN providers will provide a .ovpn file such as the following:

Using a .ovpn file

After getting a .ovpn (OpenVPN file type) click the plus icon to the right of the VPN section. A dialog will as show will open. Click ‘Import from file…’


Select the .ovpn file downloaded from your VPN provider.

Article last modified: 2020-02-05