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Most of the hardware in a System76 computer is Intel based, and Windows Update is rather effective at finding drivers. We also recommend using Intel’s Driver Update utility, which will automatically detect and install drivers for Intel hardware.

Intel Driver Update Utility

For systems with NVIDIA graphics cards, drivers can be found on their website:

NVIDIA hardware table:

Always Maybe Never
Oryx Pro Wild Dog Pro Lemur
Serval WS Ratel Gazelle
Bonobo WS Galago Pro (w/ eGPU) Kudu
Leopard WS Darter Pro (w/ eGPU) Meerkat
Silverback WS Thelio  

NVIDIA Drivers

Ethernet hardware table:

Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 Intel I219-V Atheros/Killer Ethernet E2400 Intel I210
Oryx Pro Meerkat Serval WS Silverback WS
Lemur Wild Dog Pro Bonobo WS  
Gazelle Leopard WS    

Realtek Drivers

Intel I219-V Drivers

Intel I210 Drivers

Killer Ethernet Drivers

Our laptops and desktops use Intel WiFi, which should be found by the Intel Driver Update utility.

If there is a missing driver in the Device Manager, right click on the item with the missing driver, choose Properties, then Details, and then Hardware Ids from the drop-down. The VEN (vendor) and DEV (device) numbers are unique to every piece of hardware. Search for the device at the PCI Database:

PCI Lookup

You can use that info to find the manufacturer, then search for drivers.