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You can view and change keyboard shortcuts in Pop!_OS using Settings.

Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts

To view keyboard shortcuts, open Settings, and click on “Devices” on the left.


Click on “Keyboard” to view all active shortcuts.


Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts

To modify an existing shortcut, click on any of the shortcuts and enter a new keyboard shortcut.

Shortcut Entry

Then click “set”, or if the shortcut is already used for something else, you will be given the option to “replace”.

Adding Keyboard Shortcuts

Scroll to the bottom of the keyboard shortcut list, and click the “+” item.


Enter the information about your shortcut, including what the name will be, the command that will be executed, and the shortcut which will trigger it.

Custom Shortcut

Then click “Add”, and your shortcut will be active.

You can see all your custom shortcuts at the bottom of the shortcut list, and can click on any of them to modify them.

Custom Shortcuts

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Article last modified: 2017-12-20