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Frequently Answered Questions

Diagnose Hardware Failures

If the computer won’t start, boot, or otherwise operate normally, there may be a hardware issue. Follow these steps to diagnose hardware failures.

Find Your Quickstart Guide

To see ports images, keyboard layouts, function keys, and product quickstart guides, visit our Guides page. For older products, log into My Account and select the quickstart guide button beneath your product.

Learn Linux Terminal Basics

Linux offers users a lot of flexibility. There’s always more than one way to complete a task, and using the terminal is one of them.

Learn Ubuntu Basics

Learn how to navigate your new Ubuntu desktop environment with a few easy tips.

Set up a second hard drive

If you ordered your computer with additional storage, it came pre-formatted and ready for use; no additional setup is required. For instructions on automatically mounting an additional hard drive, check out this extra drive documentation.

Upgrade Ubuntu

Get the newest version of Ubuntu on your System76 computer! Check out our upgrade directions.


Known Solutions

Problems joining WiFi after creating first user

If you try to join a WiFi access point after setting up a new user and then logging into the computer, the WiFi network will show “device not ready” instead of access points. Here is the solution to this problem.

Screen Stays Dark After Timeout

If you have an Oryx 2 (oryp2), a Serval 10 (serw10), or a Bonobo 11 (bonw11), there is currently a bug in the NVIDIA driver which prevents the screen backlight from coming on after a screen timeout. Here are some suggestions to work around the bug.