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Congratulations on receiving your System76 Desktop! Read this article to get started quickly.

Bag Of Cables

If you ordered a desktop without the max amount of drives, you’ll receive an extra bag of parts. This can include hard drive cables, screws or antennas. Remove the black antennas from your bag of extras, and set the rest of the parts aside. You will use the cables and screws if you decide to add other components at a later date.

Wireless Antennas

To enable WiFi capability, screw the black antennas to the back of the desktop where the wireless antennas are located. Look for the gold terminals.

Connect Your Monitor


If you ordered a dedicated graphics card, plug your monitor into one of the horizontal ports on the back of the machine. Do not connect your display to the vertical ports if you have a graphics card. The vertical ports are directly connected to the motherboard and are disabled by default if there is a dedicated graphics card.

Connect Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboards can connect via USB ports, PS/2 circular port, or wirelessly. If your keyboard/mouse connects wirelessly, you should have a small USB device, called a receiver, that connects to the desktop and communicates with your keyboard and mouse via radio frequency. This should be included when you purchase a wireless keyboard or mouse. You can connect to the front USB ports or the back, depending on where your cords will extend/fit.

Connect Power Supply

The power supply is located on the bottom of the back of the desktop. Use the cord provided to connect the computer to the nearest outlet.

Power On

Press the circular button on the front of the machine after all components are plugged in. The power button is the largest button on the front of the machine.

Set Up User Account

When you power on, you’ll be prompted to create a user account, which is the administrative account. The password you set for this account will be the main password for when you install applications or updates, or add new users to the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to encrypt my home folder?

No. This is for advanced users familiar with encryption.

Should I connect to Wifi during my user account setup?

No. It is best to do this after the user account creation.

Should I download 3rd party applications when setting up my user account?

No. You can install any software after you create your user account.