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Getting Started

Linux Terminal Basics

Linux offers users a lot of flexibility. Use the terminal to accomplish tasks faster

Pop!_OS Basics

Learn how to navigate your new Pop!_OS desktop environment with a few easy tips.

Switching to Ubuntu From Apple

If you are coming from Apple’s operating system and just using Ubuntu for the first time, we can help make the transition a little smoother.

Ubuntu Basics

Learn how to navigate your new Ubuntu desktop environment with a few easy tips.

Pop!_OS & Ubuntu

Change Your Password

Forgot your main password? Locked out of your computer? Need to change your encryption passphrase? Follow these instructions to change both!

Customize Pop!_OS

Pop with the GNOME desktop is highly customizable! See here to get started making your desktop just right for you.

Install Steam

Want to game on your super awesome new System76 machine? Take a look at these instructions to install Steam, a marketplace for hundreds of Linux games.

Upgrade Pop!_OS

Get the newest version of Pop!_OS on your System76 computer! Check out our upgrade directions.

Upgrade Ubuntu

Get the newest version of Ubuntu on your System76 computer! Check out our upgrade directions.

Software & Applications

Find Windows Drivers

If you are trying to install Windows on a System76 computer, here are some instructions for locating the drivers.

Hardware & Drivers

Auto-Mounting Second Hard Drive

If you ordered your computer with additional storage, it comes pre-formatted and ready for use. For instructions on automatically mounting an additional hard drive, check out this extra drive documentation.

Diagnose Hardware Failures

If the computer won’t start, boot, or otherwise operate normally, there may be a hardware issue. Follow these steps to diagnose hardware failures.


Activate and troubleshoot your laptop webcam

WiFi & Bluetooth

Solve Wireless Issues

If you’re having problems with your wireless Internet connection, take a look at the suggestions in this article.

Graphics, Audio and Video

Fix Audio Issues

Here is how to fix several common audio issues with your computer.

HiDPI Multi-Monitor Support

Mixing HiDPI and LoDpi displays can be complicated. Learn what to do and how System76 automates this for you!

Security & Encryption

Install OpenVPN

This page will go over setting up and using OpenVPN to browse the internet more securely in places like airports, cafe shops and more.


Docking Station Support

A Docking Station makes it easy to use multi monitors. It also adds an ethernet port, multi USB ports and more while only using one USB 3.0 port on your laptop.

Repairs and Returns

Community Articles

The following documents have been graciously submitted by community members. They have not been checked for accuracy, completeness, or style. Please contact the contributers through their GitHub account for any questions.

Install Numba on Python3

Complete instructions on setting up the Numba library in Python for fast, parallel computing using the NVIDIA CUDA toolkit.

Install OpenSpades

Use Snap or build OpenSpades from source to enjoy a voxel-based first person shooter.

Install cjdns

Connect to the meshnet! Cjdns uses an ipv6 allocated space public key encrypted routing system to protect privacy.

Case Studies