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Installing Julia in Pop!_OS

Julia is a high-level programming language popularly used for numerical analysis and computational science. More information can be found on Julia's site. While many Linux distributions lack documentation or require installing Julia from source, Pop!_OS offers simple install methods using the Terminal or the Pop!_Shop. Pop!_OS will also track the latest Julia releases, so Julia will always update to the latest available release when you update Pop!_OS.

Installing Julia in Pop!_OS

Using the Terminal

In Pop!_OS, Julia is simply installed by running sudo apt install julia.

sudo apt install julia

Using the Pop!_Shop

Launch the Pop!_OS shop and search for "julia". Then, click Install.

Install Julia in Pop!_Shop

Launching Julia

Press the Super key to bring up the Launcher, then type “julia” and hit enter.

Launching Julia in Pop!_OS