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If you have a storage location on a network drive, you can easily map the location using Files in Pop!_OS.

Open Files and click on “Other Locations” on the left side overview. It should open a window similar to the one below:

Other Locations

Connect to server

Enter the address of the server into the box which says “Enter server address…” with one of the following prefixes appended to the beginning of the address.

Available Protocols Prefix
AppleTalk afp://
File Transfer Protocol ftp:// or ftps://
Network File System nfs://
Samba smb://
SSH File Transfter Protocol sftp:// or ssh://
WebDAV dav:// or davs://

The image below shows a Samba connection to the server

Connect To Server

Enter your username, domain, and password

On the dialog that pops up, enter your account information for the server, then select how it will be remembered by Files. The window looks similar to the one below:

Password Dialog

Once this is done, hit “Connect” in the top right and you can access the files on the network drive.

This article was contributed by kylecorry31.

Article last modified: 2017-12-13