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System76 Open Firmware

When we say Open Firmware, we’re referring to open-source firmware that uses the following technologies:

  • coreboot
  • EDK2
  • System76 Firmware Apps

The source code for our Open Firmware can be found here.

System76 Open EC

When we say Open EC, we’re talking about the Embedded Controller firmware, which handles components on the system such as:

  • Keyboard
  • Touchpad
  • Power Button

The source code for our Open EC can be found here.

Hardware utilizing Open Firmware/Open EC:

System Open Firmware Open EC
addw2 Yes Yes
bonw14 Yes Yes
darp7 Yes Yes
darp6 Yes Yes
galp5 Yes Yes
galp4 Yes No
lemp10 Yes Yes
lemp9 Yes Yes
oryp7 Yes Yes
oryp6 Yes Yes

Additional Notes

Both the addw2 and darp6 shipped with closed firmware/EC, but have since been updated to Open Firmware/EC. This article can be used to move your system from closed to Open Firmware/EC.

Article last modified: 2021-03-04