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Install OpenSpades

Do you love Minecraft and First Person Shooters? Then you'll love OpenSpades. OpenSpades is a cross-platform MMOG which is compatible with Ace of Spades 0.75. It is released under a GPLv3 license.


To install on Ubuntu/Pop OS using snaps:

sudo snap install openspades

To build and install from source (terminal):

  1. Install the necessary dependencies:

    sudo apt-get install pkg-config libglew-dev libcurl3-openssl-dev libsdl2-dev libsdl2-image-dev libalut-dev xdg-utils libfreetype6-dev libopus-dev libopusfile-dev libjpeg-dev libxinerama-dev libxft-dev git cmake imagemagick

    Enter your password when prompted.

    When asked whether you want to install the applications, type y and hit the <ENTER> key.

  2. Clone the GitHub repository:

    git clone
    cd openspades
  3. Build OpenSpades:

    cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo
  4. Copy the Resources folder into bin:

    cp -r ./Resources ./bin/
  5. Install OpenSpades:

    sudo make install
  6. Launch OpenSpades:

    Type openspades in the terminal. OR Find OpenSpades in the applications list of your GUI.

    Configure the settings to your liking and click Start.

    Select a player name and click OK or choose Decide later.

    Select a server and click Connect.

    Select a team then select a weapon.



For more detailed information about building OpenSpades read the Building page on the OpenSpades wiki.

This article was contributed by 0verk1ll and based off of the Building page on the OpenSpades wiki.