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Pop!_OS Keyboard Shortcuts

Super key

The Super key is the OS key on your keyboard.

  • On recent System76 products, it's between the Fn and the Alt keys. The key is labelled with a rectangle and two two vertical lines, one on either side of the rectangle.

    Super Key

  • On older System76 products, the Super key is between the Fn and the Alt keys and is represented by the Ubuntu logo ().

  • On the Launch keyboard it is the SUPER key.

  • On generic third-party products, it may be labeled with a Windows logo.

  • On Mac accessories, it may be labeled command.

In Pop!_OS, the Super key handles the majority of OS and window actions. This key is represented by Pop in the lists below.

Direction keys

Directional actions can use either the standard arrow keys or their Vim equivalents:

, , , Direction keys (arrow keys)
H, J, K, LDirection keys (Vim shortcuts)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Move, resize, and swap windows

SUPER + Direction keysSwitch focus between windows
SUPER + EnterEnter window adjustment mode
Direction keysMove window (while in adjustment mode)
Shift + Direction keysResize window (while in adjustment mode)
Ctrl + Direction keysSwap windows (while in adjustment mode)
EnterApply changes (exit adjustment mode)
ESCCancel (exit adjustment mode)
SUPER + Left click + DragMove window (without adjustment mode)
SUPER + Right click + DragResize window (without adjustment mode)

Manipulate windows

SUPER + SToggle stacking
SUPER + OChange window orientation (while stacking)
SUPER + GFloat/un-float window (while stacking)
SUPER + MMaximize/un-maximize window
SUPER + Ctrl + /Snap window to left/right side of display
SUPER + QClose window

Manage workspaces and displays

SUPER + Ctrl + /Navigate between workspaces
SUPER + Home/EndNavigate to first/last workspace
SUPER + Shift + Direction keysMove active window between workspaces/displays
SUPER + ESCLock the screen

Use the launcher

The launcher allows searching through open windows and installed applications, and also has the additional functions listed below.

SUPERActivate the launcher on Pop 21.04+
SUPER + /Activate the launcher on Pop 20.10 and below
recent filenameBrowse and search recent files
/ / ~/Browse the filesystem
find filenameSearch the filesystem for a certain file
t:Execute a command in a terminal
:Execute a command in sh
=Calculate an equation
?Help menu

Switch between apps and windows

SUPER + TabSwitch apps
SUPER + Tab + ShiftSwitch apps in reverse order
SUPER + `Switch windows of current app
SUPER + ` + ShiftSwitch windows of current app in reverse order

Miscellaneous OS shortcuts

SUPER + DToggle workspace menu
SUPER + AToggle applications menu
SUPER + VToggle notifications menu
SUPER + TOpen a terminal
SUPER + FOpen Files
SUPER + PCycle display layout
SUPER + SpaceCycle between configured input sources (languages)
Alt + F2Run command
Ctrl + Alt + DelLog out

Accessibility shortcuts

SUPER + Alt + SToggle screen reader
SUPER + Alt + 8Toggle magnifier
SUPER + Alt + +/-Zoom in/out (when magnifier is enabled)