Pop!_OS Keyboard Shortcuts Edit on GitHub

Notable Keys

Super key

The Super key is the OS key on your keyboard.

  • On recent System76 products, it’s the Pop key ().
  • On older System76 products, it’s the Ubuntu key ().
  • On generic third-party products, it may be labeled with a Windows logo.
  • On Mac accessories, it may be labeled command.

In Pop!_OS, the Super key handles the majority of OS and window actions. This key is represented by in the lists below.

Direction keys

Directional actions can use either the standard arrow keys or their Vim equivalents:

Key Description
, , , Direction keys (arrow keys)
H, J, K, L Direction keys (Vim shortcuts)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Move, resize, and swap windows

Shortcut Action
+ Direction keys Switch focus between windows
+ Enter Enter window adjustment mode
Direction keys Move window (while in adjustment mode)
Shift + Direction keys Resize window (while in adjustment mode)
Ctrl + Direction keys Swap windows (while in adjustment mode)
Enter Apply changes (exit adjustment mode)
ESC Cancel (exit adjustment mode)
+ Left click + Drag Move window (without adjustment mode)
+ Right cick + Drag Resize window (without adjustment mode)

Manipulate windows

Shortcut Action
+ S Toggle stacking
+ O Change window orientation (while stacking)
+ G Float/unfloat window (while stacking)
+ M Maximize/unmaximize window
+ Ctrl + / Snap window to left/right side of display
+ Q Close window

Manage workspaces and displays

Shortcut Action
+ Ctrl + / Navigate between workspaces
+ Home/End Navigate to first/last workspace
+ Shift + Direction keys Move active window between workspaces/displays
+ ESC Lock the screen

Use the launcher

The launcher allows searching through open windows and installed applications, and also has the additional functions listed below.

Shortcut/command Action
+ / Activate the launcher
d: Browse and search recent files
/ or ~ Browse the filesystem
t: Execute a command in a terminal
: Execute a command in sh
= Calculate an equation

Switch between apps and windows

Shortcut Action
+ Tab Switch apps
+ Tab + Shift Switch apps in reverse order
+ ` Switch windows of current app
+ ` + Shift Switch windows of current app in reverse order

Miscellaneous OS shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Toggle Activities overview
+ A Toggle applications menu
+ V Toggle notifications menu
+ T Open a terminal
+ F Open Files
+ P Cycle display layout
+ Space Cycle between configured input sources (languages)
Alt + F2 Run command
Ctrl + Alt + Del Log out

Accessibility shortcuts

Shortcut Action
+ Alt + S Toggle screen reader
+ Alt + 8 Toggle magnifier
+ Alt + +/- Zoom in/out (when magnifier is enabled)

Article last modified: 2021-02-16