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Shipping Your Computer

When shipping a computer to us for any reason, several steps need followed before sending it in.

Do I Include The Hard Drive?

For repairs of most hardware level failures, such as LCD, motherboard, and power supply replacement, the hard drive doesn't need included. We will use a substitute drive for testing after repairs are completed. If the hard drive is causing problems, the issues may be software related, or you would like a fresh copy of the operating system installed, please include the drive. We will do all testing with our drives, and will boot the included drive. If provided, we will use credentials to test the existing OS by logging in.

Backing Up Data

If the hard drive is included with the shipment, please backup all important data. We will try our best to not destroy any data, but we are not responsible for any lost data during the repair. Methods for backing up data include:

Cloud StorageUse a cloud storage system, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Mega to sync your data remotely. Put all important files into the desktop folder, or use the web interface to backup any important.
File ExplorerUse the built in file explorer to copy important data to an external drive. Format the external drive either 'ext4' or 'ntfs' using the Disks or GParted programs. Then, copy the folders over to the extra drive.
CLIThe command rsync is commonly used to make copies of a folder structure to a local, networked, or remote computers. Please see man rsync or this reference here.
SoftwareFor an exact backup of your entire operating system and personal folders as-is, we recommend using Clonezilla.

Packing Computer

For sending in Laptop computers, please follow the Repackaging Instructions. If the original box isn't available, please use a laptop mailer available from USPS, UPS, and other major shipping carriers. Please make sure to send AC adapter for any battery, power, or charging related issues.

For shipping a desktop computer, we recommend using the original packaging of hard styrofoam. Using peanuts or bubble wrap is not advised if the original packaging and foam corners are used, as they allow additional forces to be applied to the computer during shipping. If the original packaging isn't available, please wrap the computer in 3-4 inches of bubble wrap evenly, and package in a box just large enough for the bundle. Do not put the computer into a larger box with empty airspace, as it will shift rapidly during shipping and damage the computer. Please have the computer professionally packaged and watch while it's being boxed. Do not use peanuts for packing desktop computers or servers.

System76 is not responsible for damage caused by improperly packed computers.

Processing Time

Typical repairs are 3-5 business days from receipt of computer. We will send an update when we start on the repair, and a tracking number when we finish the repair. If we are backordered on parts, or a repair will take longer, we will send updates as we receive them.

Typical return times are 3-5 business days from receipt. After we check the computer in and examine for damages, we will process the refund.


All returns and repairs do not cover physical damage to the system. For warranty repairs, we will charge a fee to replace any damaged components, including scratched LCDs, case pieces, and liquid damage, even if otherwise covered under our warranty.

Shipping is not covered for any returns, international warranty repairs, or out-of-warranty domestic repairs. Any COD charges, customs, or taxes that are attempted to be billed to us will be charged to the account, and subtracted from return costs if returning. If an in-warranty repair becomes an out-of-warranty repair, we will also collect shipping charges.

Please see our warranty for specifics.