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Ubuntu Basics

The Ubuntu operating system provides all the features you would expect from a sophisticated desktop.

Getting to Know The Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Desktop

Use the Launcher on the left hand side of the screen to start your favorite apps. You can switch between running apps by clicking on their icons. Right click on an icon in the Launcher to show a menu of actions. Actions include adding, removing application icons, opening new tabs, switching multiple windows of the same app and much more.

Show Applications

Clicking on the grid of 3x3 dots in the lower left corner of the screen (on the Dock), will show you all of your installed applications in an app drawer-grid. This screen can also be accessed by pressing + A or + A.

Show Applications

Type in any word to search your computer for installed programs, files, and items in Ubuntu Software.

Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Software Center

Clicking on the orange briefcase icon in the Dock, opens Ubuntu Software. This application provides a GUI frontend for installing applications and updates.

Ubuntu Software

GNOME Notifications

Date, Time, Calendar and app notifications appear in the top-middle of the screen, and can be reviewed in the drop-down menu.


Top Right Menu

The top-right menu offers shortcuts for networking, battery/power and shutdown commands.

Top Right

Application Top Bar Menu

You can control certain applications actions from the menu in the top bar. This menu will change from app to app, and won't be visible until the app is running.

Top Bar Menu

Application Window Menu

Many applications also have in-window menus for adjusting settings, switching to full-screen, etc.

App Window Menu