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Super Key

The Super Key is the OS key on your keyboard and is the Ubuntu or Pop key (, ).

In Ubuntu, handles the majority of OS and window actions.

Primary Actions

Tapping on its own brings up the Activities overview, which is the core way of launching apps and managing your workflow.

Ctrl + Alt + / switch workspaces up and down.
+ / tile windows to the left and right of your display.
+ Tab quickly switches between your open windows.

All Shortcuts

Window & Workspace Management

Windows can be switched between, moved around, tiled, and closed all with the keyboard. Shift acts as a modifier that lets you do a variation on the action, too.

Shortcut Action Shift Action
+ Tab Switch windows Switch windows backwards
+ ` Switch windows of current app Switch windows of current app backwards
+ W Close window  
+ H Hide window (minimize)  
Ctrl + Alt + / Switch workspace up/down Switch workspace up/down with window
+ / Tile window to the left/right  
+ Toggle maximize  
+ Restore window (unmaximize/untile)  
+ Shift + /// Move window to display to the left, right, top, or bottom  
+ Right-drag Resize window  

Operating System

Shortcut Action
Activities overview
+ A Applications
+ P Presentation mode (cycle display modes)
+ L Lock screen
+ O Orientation lock (on devices w/accelerometer)
+ D Show desktop
+ V Calendar and notifications indicator
+ N Focus active notification
Ctrl + Alt + T Terminal
Alt + Space Application menu
+ Space Switch input source
Alt + F2 Run command
Ctrl + Alt + Del Log out


Accessibility shortcuts use Alt + as their base.

Shortcut Action
Alt + + S Toggle screen reader
Alt + + 8 Toggle magnifier
Alt + + +/- Zoom in/out (when magnifier is active)

Article last modified: 2019-12-26