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Web Design and Site Management at Mallee Blue Media

Mallee Blue Media is a web design, site management, and content marketing company with a focus on conversion optimization, founded by David Trounce and his wife in 2004. They help their clients be more efficient and effective in growing their own businesses. To lead by example, David needs the right equipment to get his work done.

“People like me have limited time to play around. When I start a machine, I just want to get to my work. As someone involved in marketing, my goal is to remove obstacles for users. System76 does a solid, reliable job of taking care of me as a user.”

The company started with an interest in e-commerce. Over time, it became clear that how they marketed their business was an opportunity in and of itself. Mallee Blue Media redirected their focus to offering these services to other small- and medium-sized businesses, growing alongside their customers over the last 15 years.

Mallee Blue Media now houses half a dozen writers, two editors, and a few designers, and provides a combination of website and design services to their clients in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

“We are a professional web design company providing quality site management services to small business wanting to increase their reputation and brand awareness online.”

The team offers content creation, HTML/CSS development, CMS integration, guest publishing, and more for businesses and digital marketing agencies. With all this going on, David had high expectations when he switched to running his web development company with Linux.

“Linux had to prove itself to me first. Since I switched to Linux, I’ve never had a crisis. I don’t worry about viruses, slow machines, software that collapses on me. Instead, I have found the open source community to be helpful and constructive.”

Today, David uses a variety of programs and plug-ins on Ubuntu, such as: SEORush, Colorzilla, Thunderbird, CrossOver by CodeWeavers, Skype, VLC, and LibreOffice, to help him craft long-term campaigns for his clients that they can later run themselves. For design, he uses a mix of Canva and GIMP, while OpenShot handles his video creation projects.

Linux has the professional-grade software and tools that David needs to get his work done, and System76 completes the picture with high-performance hardware. System76 ships the latest components vetted for quality, performance, and Linux compatibility.

“If you want professional, business-ready machines, there are certain brands that reflect that, like System76.”

When web developers need a reliable machine that comes with Linux pre-installed and dedicated Linux support, they choose System76. Connect with an expert today to learn more about System76’s Linux laptops, desktops, and servers and how they can help you develop and deploy your work.

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