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Web Application Development at Eficent

Eficent is an integrator of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software called Odoo. Eficent’s clients rely on the their expertise in business processes, from accounting to inventory or customer relationship management, combined with a deep technological expertise, to run their businesses. Eficent has been using System76 laptops for years. Eficent Founder and CEO Jordi Ballester Alomar is now looking to expand into using deep learning to improve business performance, and knows System76 machines can keep up with his expanding client list.

“It’s important that our team has computers that run Linux to help us get the job done,” Jordi tells us. “We run Ubuntu and use programs like LibreOffice, PyCharm, and KiCAD to serve our customers. We want hardware that’s configured with the right software and drivers out of the box.”

Over the years, Jordi has struggled to find computers that ran Linux with ease. Compatibility issues came up across the board. It wasn’t until Jordi heard about a customer of his using System76 hardware that he was able to find the Linux machine he needed.

“System76 ships powerful machines--something not easily found in the market--and the price is competitive.”

Jordi needs powerful machines to help Eficent’s 8-person team bring projects to completion as quickly as possible with the highest degree of quality. These projects include their Demand Driven MRP compliant solution, or the development of IoT devices that seamlessly integrate with the ERP.

The team at Eficent is heavily involved in open source, ranging from using open programs (Docker, Python) to learning from each other’s work in the office and collaborating with other open source communities and projects like the Odoo Community Association (OCA).

“It’s exciting to work openly because we get to learn so much from the community. Technology moves so quickly, we have found that being open is the best way to move quickly as a company.”

Eficent focuses on manufacturing customers, but also serves customers in a variety of industries around the world. As the company grows, Jordi aims to use deep learning solutions to improve business performance in areas such as supply chain management. Moving forward, he’ll be relying on powerful machines to run Linux smoothly and keep his business running ahead of his competitors. He thinks the value is clear for other web developers, too.

“Fully native Linux development is better than running Linux in a virtual machine on another operating system. We need the same tools in a local environment for consistency and performance. With System76, you get fully integrated Linux on a reliable machine and you’re set.”

Of the top 1 million web servers, 96.3 percent of them run Linux. When web developers need a reliable machine that comes with Linux pre-installed and dedicated Linux support, they choose System76. Connect with an expert today to learn more about System76’s Linux laptops, desktops, and servers and how they can help you develop and deploy your work.

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