Reset Your Password Edit on GitHub

If you can’t log into your computer, you can follow these instructions to reset the password for any user. Ubuntu allows for the root user to reset the password for any user account. In order to get to the root user, we need to restart the computer and use what’s called “single user mode”, which means the low level repair system for the computer.


There are two ways to enter into the GRUB boot menu. The first is to restart your computer and tap ESC while the computer starts. The second is to power it off while it is starting up, which will make the menu show up on the next boot.


Make sure to stop tapping ESC when the menu appears, otherwise a GRUB command prompt will appear:


If you get to the GRUB command prompt, type in normal, then press ENTER and immediately press ESC.

Once in the GRUB menu, choose the second option Advanced options for Ubuntu, followed by the 3rd option Ubuntu, with Linux <current kernel number> (recovery mode).


Once in the recovery menu, choose the root option, then press ENTER to drop to a root prompt.


Root Prompt

Now, type this command to make your hard drive editable:

mount -o rw,remount /

Then type this command to show what usernames are present on the computer:

ls /home

Then, to change your password, type in this command:

passwd frank

(Change frank to the actual user whose password you would like to reset)

Then type in:


And Select Resume normal boot.