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Access BIOS or Boot Menu

The BIOS or boot menu can be accessed by holding specific keys down during boot. Refer to the table below for the keys on each model:

ModelBIOS keyBoot Menu key
All Open Firmware models
Pangolin (pang12 and above)
Select One Time Boot (Open Firmware)
or Save & ExitBoot Override.
Most proprietary firmware models
Older laptopsDepends on the systemF1
Thelio desktopsDelF8/F11/F12
Meerkat (mini) desktopsF2F10

Open Firmware Screenshots

The following screenshots show the menus in System76 Open Firmware with Coreboot:

Displays the computer model, firmware version, and available options.

Main menu

One Time Boot

Allows booting to a non-default boot device.

One Time Boot

Change Boot Order

Allows changing the order for selecting the default boot device.

Change Boot Order

Firmware Configuration Information

Displays information about the firmware's build-time configuration.

Configuration info