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Run Windows Programs in Pop!_OS Using Bottles

Bottles is a front end for Wine that uses environments to streamline configuration of libraries and dependencies. These environments simplify steps required to get up and running with Windows-only applications.

Bottles Main Screen


A program must be compatible with Wine in order to run in Bottles. Not all Windows applications will work with Bottles.


The Bottles Flatpak is easily installed using the Pop!_Shop.

Install Bottles Pop Shop

You can also install Bottles from the command line:

flatpak install flathub com.usebottles.bottles

Create Your First Bottle

You can choose a gaming, application, or custom environment. In this example, we will install a Windows application.

  1. Launch Bottles and click through the introductory screens. Click Create a new Bottle.

Create a new bottle 2. Select the option to create an Application environment. Enter a name for your new bottle, then click Create. Select Application Environment 3. Wait while required dependencies and libraries are installed. Click Close when the process completes. Install Dependencies 4. Select your newly created bottle by clicking the >. Launch Bottles 5. Click Run executable. Run Executable 6. Navigate to your .exe file. Navigate to exe 7. Complete the setup wizard for your Windows executable. Complete Setup

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