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Before You Open a Ticket

This article combines several self-help articles resolving common issues experienced by the Support team. This also includes standard troubleshooting procedures we perform for all support requests. Please review this information. Any background and testing information you can provide up front helps us more efficiently diagnose and resolve software and hardware related issues.

Before We Begin

1. Do you have a current backup of your files?

If your issue is time-sensitive, reinstalling or refreshing the operating system may provide the fastest resolution. Be sure to back up all important data before performing any tests or contacting Support. Re-imaging is much easier to do if we know that your important files are safe.

Note: This guide may cover diagnostics and testing that you've already performed. Skip those sections as needed, but be sure to provide that information when submitting your ticket.

We have a help article to guide you through backing up your system here.

2. Do you have a Pop!_OS or Ubuntu Live USB?

A Live USB can be used as a rescue disk. This will provide us an outside OS environment to access your installed system, potentially rescue files that have not been backed up, or quickly reinstall the OS if necessary.

We have an article to guide you through creating Live USBs here.

Local repair and upgrades

We offer techincal documenation (tech-docs such as service manuals) in this article.

Common Issue Sources


See this article for troubleshooting software issues here.


  1. Are any other machines or users in your home or workspace experiencing the same issue?

  2. If the issue involves networking, have you tried resetting your modem/router?

    NOTE: Please try this again, even if it appears no other devices are affected.

  3. Are there any devices in proximity with your system that could be causing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interference?

  4. Is your work environment a stable temperature or has it been particularly warm or cold lately?

  5. Have you added any external devices or accessories to your machine and workflow lately?

  6. Has the machine ever suffered any fall or liquid damage?


Steps 3 and 5 from the above Environment section will confirm the issue is caused by hardware configuration or failure. We also recommend following this guide for diagnosing hardware failure.

How Do I Submit A Support Ticket?

  • Online - Submit a ticket online by logging into our support page. Please follow these steps if you're having issues signing into your account or opening a ticket.

  • By Phone - Contact us at (720)-226-9269. We're open 8am-5pm MST. Response time may be limited on weekends and holidays.

What Information Should I Provide to Support?

Any information or test results you can provide when opening your support case will help us resolve your issue faster. Please answer as many questions as you can, using this article as a guide for gathering information to submit when opening a support case.

Attaching Files In Your Ticket

The first message sent on a ticket does not support file attachments; however, the second message will.

If you're having difficulty attaching a file, you can also email the file to Please be sure to tell us on the ticket if you have sent an email attachment.

Repair & Replacement

We have several repair or replacement options available depending on the circumstances.

Advance Replacement Whole System - Within 30 days of Shipment

We build and ship a replacement system with the same configuration, and have you return the defective system once the new one is received. More details will be provided if this process is requested.

Advance Replacement Part - Within Warranty Period

We send a replacement part for self-service or service at a local repair shop, then have you return the defective part. We also provide the service manual for your machine if applicable. You can see the available service manuals here and here

More details will be provided if this process is requested.

Repair - Within Warranty

We bring the system in for diagnosis and repairs. Repair costs are covered under warranty, except for accidental damage or misuse. More details will be provided if this process is requested.

Repair - Out of Warranty

We bring the system in for paid diagnosis and repairs. Repair costs are not covered. More details will be provided if this process is requested.

Parts Purchase

We create and offer a quote to purchase the part in question. We usually can also offer the part number if you prefer to source the part elsewhere. More details will be provided if this process is requested.

Warranty Information

Read the details of our warranty coverage here.